Located at 234 E. State Highway 260 in the Basha's Plaza we sell new and used instruments, amplifiers, and accessories, rent school band instruments, and offer personal one on one music lessons.

Quigtone Creations
If your looking for something hand built and out of the ordinary then you've come to the right place. At any given time you can find something under various stages of assembly on the work bench at Quigtone Music. Per request (and a deposit), we can often duplicate a past project if there was something you missed out on.
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Along with all the cool new stuff Quigtone Music has we also carry used instruments and gear giving our customers even more name brands to choose from at bargain prices. Inventory is always changing so check back often!!! Don't forget to click on the arrows at the bottom of the page because we have more for you to see on pages 2 and 3.
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Nothing says happiness like puppies, kittens, and new guitars! Quigtone Music is your local authorized Yamaha, Ibanez, Dean, and Luna dealer, so let us help you find your next bit of happiness. All our guitars are guaranteed to be housebroken!
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Quigtone Music is an authorized MXR, Boss, Dunlop, Smokey and Ernie Ball dealer. Also available in small batches, mostly at the request of fellow tone junkies, are hand built and hand wired Quigtone Custom Shop Pedals. Let us help you with your quest for the perfect tone! Click on the arrows at the bottom of the page because we have more for you to see on page 2.
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Often overlooked is the importance of a solid connection between your gear. Don't let your cables be the weak link in your signal chain. Pick up quality cables at Quigtone Music.
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For the final part of your signal chain Quigtone music is an authorized dealer for Boss, Roland, Vox, and Blackstar. Remember, music is a gift. So plug in, crank it up, and share with your neighbors!
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