Quigtone Music & Supply


Quigtone Music & Supply started off as Quigtone Custom Shop building and modifying pedals, repairing guitars and amps, and sharing his creations in early 2008. Quigtone pedals were sold locally and on the internet, and played from coast to coast here in America. So, when the need for a music store in Payson Arizona arose in 2015 it was a very natural transition. Quickly outgrowing the the 187.5 square foot (that .5 foot was important), the store was moved to it's current location in December of 2016.

Shortly after the move our resident luthier, David Bolla, a 2004 graduate of Roberto Venn, moved to Payson. Filling a great need in our community. Stringed instrument repair.

Next, electrical engineer Tim Goldenetz retired in 2020 and has turned his hobby of repairing electronics into a full time business filling another need here in the rim country, Goldenetz Electronics. Tim takes care of all the electronics repairs that come into the store. 

The final piece of the puzzle has been the need for regular band instrument repairs. Woodwind and brass instruments to be exact. 2021 brought in Mike Nye of Mike Nye instrument repair into the picture. Exactly what we needed. He offers quality, affordable repairs and Quigtone Music is now a drop off and pick up location here in Payson. Turnaround times are generally 1-3 weeks depending on the work required. You can check out his services at http://www.nyerepair.com/

Now, here we are, continuing to provide school band rentals, sell new and used instruments, provide instrument and amp repairs, along with our 2 cents worth when given the opportunity.